Legacy of Flame

Part 2: The Monastary

- The party cleared the monastery, with the help of the Gnoll Hunter Dashki, with only minor injuries.
- The Pugwampi king, Moknokk, was killed, and his tribe of Pugwampi lackeys fled the chapel.
- Throughout the day, the party encountered statues and carvings with the likeness of a tall bearded man, apparently someone who was important to the monks of the monastery.
- The party uncovered the hidden door beneath the bearded man’s shrine in the northeast corner of the monastery.
- Dashki’s execution of a Pugwampi prisoner nearly led to a violent confrontation between him and Rozman.
- In the laboratory in the monastery’s undercrypt, Adham was infected with an ooze’s slime attack. The infection seems benign, but he got a sudden vision of a buried item in the Monastery’s courtyard.
- Adham dug in the courtyard and received Tempest, a magical shortsword.
- The party chose to settle in the Monastery’s dormitory, in the southeast corner of the structure.



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