Legacy of Flame

Part Four: Kelmarane Con't

- After clearing the Mill, the party entered the village’s Tannery, where they made a deal with the jaded harpy Undrella to secure access to the northern doors of the Battle Market.
- The party moved straight to the village’s customs tower, by the Battle Market, where they encountered and defeated a Gnoll ranger and his Hyena pets, but not before he blew a warning horn and called for reinforcements.
- The Gnoll reinforcements were defeated without much trouble, and the party made a daring escape down the northern cliffside, taking cover in some abandoned houses.
- A demonic schir, sent to find the missing gnoll patrol from before, found the party, but was dispatched with only a single injury.
- The party moved to the Church of Sarenrae and found the locked door to the church’s undercrypt. It had been sealed with some powerful enchantment no one recognized.
- Moving to the back of the church, the party found a small graveyard dedicated to Sarenrae and the Templars of the Five Winds. A huecava, still wearing his priestly robes in the colours of Sarenrae stood vigil over the graves, but he was put down.
- After the encounter at the graveyard, the party beat a retreat back to the Monastary, dispatching the Kuldis’ pet Dire Boar in the process.
- Upon returning to the monastary, the party was confronted by Almah about hiding information about Haidar from her; the fact that he was a wereleopard. Zastoran further added that if they could not find a cure within the next full moon; a scant two days, then he would have to be killed for their own safety.
- Almah once again insisted Aicha give up En-Nebi. Aicha through the katar to the ground, where one of the guards took it for safe keeping.
- During the night, Adham spotted Undrella making her way from the Battle Market while on watch, and Almah was attacked by a Giant Wolf Spider. Almah was only minorly hurt, but expressed her great dissapointment with the party for failing to clear the Monastary adequately.
- During a tense breakfast, Aicha and Dashki bonded over mutual frustration with the way the mission was going, Erasmus and Zastoran had a friendly chat about Djinni and the artifact En-Nebi, and Rozman recovered from his wounds from the previous day with Zastoran’s help.
- The party made a second foray into Kelmarane, dispatching a detachment of Gnoll’s guarding the entrance. Following Zastoran’s advice and going to pray at the alter they had purified the previous day.
- On the way to the church, the party spotted what looked like an excecution occuring in the Battle Market’s western courtyard. They killed the Gnoll’s, but were enable to save the human warrior they were holding prisoner. On his person they recovered a single personal possession: a gold cloak clasp shaped in a lion’s head. Erasmus also recognized the man most likely hailed from Cheliax.
- The party continued to the Church, encountering and defeating yet another group of Gnolls. They prayed at the Alter, and felt Sarenrae’s blessing upon them.



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