Legacy of Flame

Part One: The Sultan's Claw

- The party arrived at the caravan and dealt with the burning wagon quickly with the help of some well timed douse spells. No one was killed.
- On Almah and Garavel’s behalf, the party conducted interviews and investigated the burnt wagon to determine who caused the fire. Dashki quickly became the prime suspect.
- Dashki led the party into the desert at night to find proof of his so-called “Pugwampis” in order to prove his innocence.
- The party defeated the Pugwampis after a protracted battle through a thicket of cacti. Dashki took the body as a trophy, and Tarot cards were found on the corpse that proved the Pugwampis was indeed responsible for the fire.
- Almah offered each party member 200g apiece as payment for the mission they were about to undertake. Adam attempted to negotiate a higher price, but Almah held firm to her original offer, citing her own strained resources.



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