Legacy of Flame

Part Three: Kelmarane & the Highlands

- Almah’s party settled into their new accomodations at the monastary. Safe and secure for now, Almah ordered the party to make a preliminary scouting mission against Kelmarane, while also highlighting several nearby landmarks worth investigating.
- Choosing to instead investigate the old shrine to Nethys east of Kelmarane, the party encountered tarantulas, magical traps, animated sphinxes, and a family of chokers as they explored the magical ruins.
- The party encountered Haidar, aka the Falcon Emir, who has been missing from Katapesh for over a month. Haidar was cursed with lycanthropy, and he showed no mercy in attacking the party. In the end, the party managed to disable Haidar and stabilize him long enough to transport him back to the Monastery, where he is being held prisoner by Almah’s guards.
- When delivering their report to Almah on the first day, she requested Aicha surrender Haidar’s blade, En-Nebi, to her for delivery to Katapesh with Haidar. Aicha convinced Almah to let her keep the blade.
- On the second day, the party began its first foray into Kelmarane. They killed the giant snake nesting in the ruined slave market and the Peryton in the old mill, but there is still a whole town in between them and their goal…



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