Father Zastoran


Old Human Cleric of Nethys 3
N Medium humanoid
2 cure moderate wounds, 3 cure light wounds, 4 cure minor wounds


Zastoran hails from the coastal capital of Katapesh. A cleric of Nethys, the god of magic, Zastoran joined up with Almah years ago when she was just starting out in business, and has been her personal physician and spiritual advisor ever since. Zastoran is a friendly, chatty chap who misses the comforts of his home city and who naturally gravitates toward good conversationalists with interest in culture and the arts.

Development: Father Zastoran was unimpressed by the party’s failure to help stabilize the mercenary Kellien during the fire, and seems only interested in helping the group to further the goals of the mission and Almah’s cause. The only person hes taken a like to is Arasmus, who he views as a friendly companion and fellow scholar.

Father Zastoran

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